Creating our Taxonomy/Vocabularies (tags and categories)

Vocabularies are used to classify or categorize your content. For this site, we would like to create a Vendor directory and allow users to filter or sort based upon the products that each vendor sells. We could create a Product content type, but for our purposes a vocabulary seems like it will do every thing we need and is potentially a bit simpler. 

  • Tags - provided by default. We could use Tags for our products, but we will leave Tags for future use and create a more descriptive vocabulary called Products.
  • Products - Our new vocabulary. We should allow site editors to create, edit, and delete terms. Other than that, we can leave the default settings as they are and there is no need to add terms yet.

We are creating our vocabulary before creating content types, because we will want to reference this vocabulary when we create our Vendor content type.

See: /admin/structure/taxonomy/list

@TODO - Possibly suggest some initial tags to get started?