Selecting our Modules and Themes

Here is a list of contrib modules and themes that we will be using for our Farmers Market website. You can go ahead and download and install them now at the beginning of the project or wait and install each one as you need it.


  • Opera - At the time of this writing, I am working on a public release of this new contrib theme. We are still fixing bugs. Please, feel free to review it, report any bugs, and make feature requests. We selected this theme for this project because one of it's most important features will be flexible front page layouts with stacked panels that have various colored backgrounds. 

Modules - Required for this specific site

  • Configurable Block Styles - We recommend this module for making stylistic changes to individual blocks that might otherwise require custom CSS.
  • Fanciblock - This is a great module to create a set of boxes that contain Font Awesone icons or images along with short snippets of text. 
  • Feeds - This module is used to import and export data. You can use this module to import data from a csv file, which is how we are using it for this project. This project comes with two sub-modules Feeds UI and Feeds Import. Use this module to map fields in a csv file to fields on a content type and then import the file. (Example)
  • Feeds Tamper - This module provides a plugin architecture for Feeds to modify data before it gets saved. This is helpful in modifing multivalue fields, changing text formats, find and replace text, etc. (Example)
  • Job Scheduler - This module is required by the Feeds module.
  • On the Web - This is a simple module that can be used to create block of social media icons that link to your social media account.
  • Pack and Upload - This module is helpful for uploading the images used in this tutorial in bulk. You may or may not require this module on your own site. 
  • Simple Google Maps - This is  a really simple module to quickly add a google map to your site. 
  • Views Bootstrap - This module is used by the FAQ recipe to create an accordion effect.
  • Webform - This module is used to create flexible and powerful forms on your site. We like to use this module for the basic Contact form on a site over the default contact form provided by Backdrop CMS.

Recipes - Required for this specific site 

Modules - Optional tools that we recommend to improve your site building experience

  • Dashboard Plus - Option module that we like a lot. It adds some additional blocks that we find useful for our dashboard. 
  • Devel - We add this module to all our projects. It adds some nice features for developers, but also some nice tools to help you build your site. Not required, but usually nice to have around.