Backdrop Farmers Market

You could create this block with a Custom block or an Existing content block. The main difference between these two options will be the process for editing content. To edit a custom block the editor must have access to and some knowledge of the layout/block system. To edit an existing content block, the editor need only have access to the normal content editing features. 

To create an existing content block, you can create a Card with the required content.

Create an existing content block that references our Backdrop Farmers Market Card and place it in the Content region of the front page.

  1. "Add Block" in the Content region
  2. Select "Existing Content" as the type of block
  3. Use the content title
  4. Use auto complete field to find existing content (either title or node ID).
  5. Be sure to add a meaningful Admin label to help you find this block on the layout page in the future. 

After this block has been created, you will need go here (/admin/structure/layouts/manage/home) and move it to the correct position on the page.