Locations Content Type

We are creating this content primarily for the purpose of putting the location of our Farmers Market onto a map on the front page. We only anticipate a single location at this time and in theory we could use any content type with an address field, for this project it seems like our best bet is a simple custom content type for this specific purpose. 

We probably could delete the body field from this content type, but we will leave it in case we find a use for it later.

  • Title - This is a default field that comes with every new content type
  • Body - This is the default body field, we may not need this but leaving it for possible use in the future.
  • Address - We are just using a simple Text (short) field type as that is all that is needed. In some circumstances you may want to install and use the Address Field module to provide a special Address Field field type for geographic content. We are trying to keep this site as simple as possible. Use default settings for this field.